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Please note the following: - This application is not supported on the Surface. Performance is not guaranteed. - Names cannot be changed in the current version. At the name input screen, please select Confirm to progress. ■Description Selling over five million copies since its release in 2000, FINAL FANTASY IX proudly returns on Xbox One and PC! Experience the adventure once again with characters and pre-rendered movies featured in high definition, as well as a new booster system with a selection of various modes such as "high speed" or "no encounters"! ■Story Zidane and the Tantalus Theater Troupe have kidnapped Princess Garnet, the heir of Alexandria. To their surprise, however, the princess herself yearned to escape the castle. Through a series of unusual circumstances, she and her personal guard, Steiner, fall in with Zidane and set out on an incredible journey. Meeting unforgettable characters like Vivi and Quina along the way, they learn about themselves, the secrets of the Crystal, and a malevolent force that threatens to destroy their world. ■Gameplay Features ・Abilities Learn new abilities by equipping items. When fully mastered, these abilities can be used even without equipping items, allowing for nearly endless customization options. ・Trance Fill your Trance gauge as you sustain hits in battle. When fully charged, your characters will enter Trance mode, granting them powerful new skills! ・Synthesis Never let items go to waste. Combine two items or pieces of equipment together and make better, stronger items! ・Minigames Whether it's Chocobo Hot and Cold, Jump Rope, or Tetra Master, there are plenty of minigames to enjoy when you're not off saving the world. You can even earn special item rewards!

Universal - FINAL FANTASY (by SQUARE ENIX INC) | TouchArcade - iPhone, iPad, Android Games Forum Page 1 of 24 1 ← 2 3 4 5 6 → 24 Next > Eli ᕕ┌◕ᗜ◕┐ᕗ Staff Member Patreon Silver Patreon Gold Supported Devices: iPhone4 iPad2Wifi iPad23G iPhone4S iPadThirdGen iPadThirdGen4G iPhone5 iPodTouchFifthGen iPadFourthGen iPadFourthGen4G iPadMini iPadMini4G iPhone5c iPhone5s iPhone6 iPhone6Plus iPodTouchSixthGen Minimum iOS Version: iOS 7. 0 Download Size: 1. 9GB -------------------------------------------------- Due to the size of the application, the download may take a considera… Details -------------------------------------------------- Due to the size of the application, the download may take a considerable amount of time to complete. The app uses 3. 9GB of space. When downloading the game for the first time, you must have more than 4GB of space available on your device. Version updates for the app will use more than 4GB of space. Please ensure that there is plenty of space available on your device before downloading. ■Description Selling over 5. 5million copies since its release in 2000, FINAL FANTASY IX proudly returns on iOS! Now you can relive the adventures of Zidane and his crew in the palm of your hands! Enjoy this classic FINAL FANTASY experience with no additional fees or purchases. ■Story Zidane and the Tantalus Theater Troupe have kidnapped Princess Garnet, the heir of Alexandria. To their surprise, however, the princess herself yearned to escape the castle. Through a series of unusual circumstances, she and her personal guard, Steiner, fall in with Zidane and set out on an incredible journey. Meeting unforgettable characters like Vivi and Quina along the way, they learn about themselves, the secrets of the Crystal, and a malevolent force that threatens to destroy their world. ■Gameplay Features ・Abilities Learn new abilities by equipping items. When fully mastered, these abilities can be used even without equipping items, allowing for nearly endless customization options. ・Trance Fill your Trance gauge as you sustain hits in battle. When fully charged, your characters will enter Trance mode, granting them powerful new skills! ・Synthesis Never let items go to waste. Combine two items or pieces of equipment together and make better, stronger items! ・Minigames Whether it's Chocobo Hot and Cold, Jump Rope, or Tetra Master, there are plenty of minigames to enjoy when you're not off saving the world. You can even earn special item rewards! ■Additional Features ・Achievements ・7 game boosters including high speed and no encounter modes. ・Autosave ・High-definition movies and character models. ーーーーーーー Operating System iOS 7. 0 or later Recommended Devices iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus iPad (4th Generation), iPad Air, iPad Air 2 iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4 iPod touch (6th Generation) We cannot guarantee proper performance on devices other than those listed above. Please confirm your device model before downloading this app. Genre: Adventure, Role Playing Compatibility: HD Universal Ah... So the real wait begins. Shouldnt be too long now. The fourth(? ) screenshot where it first shows the options... Are those the included cheats like what they added in FF7? Those 2 options say MAX, and it usually only means that. This might be the only FF I play. I've never completed any of them, but I heard this is the best one? oooooooooooooo made my day, time to go buy a jp AppStore card Everyone will have a different opinion of course, But this (alongside X) has always been my favourite since I played it. if you're only going to play one this is a great choice. EDIT- English version is out too!!! btw the translation for the beginning of the app description. FANTASY IX delivery start anniversary sale! ● during the following period, will be sold at 20% off! ● 2016/2/10 ~ 2016/2/21 ============ ----------------------------------------------- For and capacity of large application, it takes time to download. And capacity of this app Thank about 4GB. Since the time of the download you will need to free space of more than 8GB, so that you can try with a margin, thank you Out now in the US App Store!! OMG YESS! go on App Store and type Final Fantasy IX and its there for 16. 99$$$$ YESSS Only FF game I played was FF7 on ps1. What happened to FF8? Looking forward to try this Not in UK yet Gahhhh no! This or Adventures of Mana??! Damn you Squeenix! Next >

Great news Final Fantasy fans! Square Enix on Thursday confirmed that FF IX is coming soon to iOS, Android and PC. As noted by TouchArcade, the studio has posted a teaser page for the game on its website, as well as an official trailer on YouTube. Originally released in 2000, FF IX is the ninth title in the popular RPG franchise. The story follows a talented young thief named Zidane Tribal, who joins with others to defeat Queen Brahne of Alexandria, the one responsible for starting the great war. Here’s the trailer: Square Enix doesn’t offer up much in the way of additional details about the game, saying only that it’s “coming soon” and listing the device requirements. Android users will need to be on 4. 1 or later, and iOS users will need to be on at least iOS 7. Are you excited for Final Fantasy IX? Source: Square Enix via TA

Synopsis BradyGAMES The Art of FINAL FANTASY IX is a must-have for FINAL FANTASY fans and RPG fans! This unique book is like no other in the electronic entertainment industry and makes a great gift item. This book includes colorful art on the main characters, worlds, airships, monsters, equipment, cinemas from the game, PLUS an art gallery by Yoshitaka Amano. FINAL FANTASY IX has returned to its roots. While the recent FINAL FANTASY games were populated with more modern-day settings and themes, FINAL FANTASY IX takes place in pre-industrial times and is filled with royalty, airships, floating castles, black mages and dragons. From the Back Cover BradyGames The Art of FINAL FANTASY IX features an inside look at the stunning art from FINAL FANTASY IX. The book includes rarely-seen concept art and detailed pencil sketches, an immense collection of character art, airship and vehicle designs, monsters and unique weapon images, and full-page scenes from the most beautiful cinemas in video game history. Entertaining and informative commentary is provided as well as anecdotal captions relevant to story and events of FINAL FANTASY IX. About the Author Square Electronic Arts L. L. C. and Square Co., Ltd., is the leading third-party developer and publisher of home video game console software in Japan with annual sales of more than US $687 million consolidated base (based on average annual exchange rate of 106 Japanese Yen per US Dollar during fiscal year 2000) and 1, 200 employees worldwide. Square Co., Ltd. became famous for its role-playing games, including its world-renowned FINAL FANTASY series, which has sold more than 30 million units to date, and now publishes other titles under the SQUARESOFT brand spanning all genres. is based in Tokyo, Japan, and maintains a branch office in Osaka.

Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. Android Version: 4. 1+ Genre: RPG The size: 1. 73 Gb Interface language: EN, FY, DE... Current Version: 1. 3. 9 FINAL FANTASY IX for Android - you will plunge into a fantastic kingdom of Alexandria, where you will wait for an incredible adventure. This story about a princess, heiress pristola, she was kidnapped Zidane and Tantalum, but this girl was only glad, because she did not want to spend my whole life in the kingdom. From that moment begins her adventure. Cache games FINAL FANTASY IX for Android: unzip the archive into a folder of /sdcard/Android/obb/
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You might think that a publisher with as much prestige as Square Enix would want to preserve its history in as smart a way as possible, allowing new generations of video game fans to discover and fall in love with Final Fantasy. But... nope. Final Fantasy IX launched on Switch and Xbox this week, and as I loaded up the Switch version Wednesday night (via code provided by Square Enix), I was unsurprised but still disappointed to see that it was the same port that Square had put on PC and PS4, which itself was based on the versions the publisher developed for iOS and Android. The character models are higher-resolution than they were in the original, but that graphical improvement comes with some drawbacks. Final Fantasy IX on Switch retains that ugly interface and font (seen above) and has a few quirks that make it clear this was meant to be a mobile game, like warning you in the character naming screens that emoticons aren’t allowed. What’s irritated people most might be the music bug. All the modern versions of Final Fantasy IX have come with the same annoying flaw—after every battle, the field music track will start from the top. So if you run into battles every 10 seconds on the world map, you’ll only get to listen to the first 10 seconds of the world map theme—my favorite track in the game—before it starts all over again. As pointed out by a ResetEra poster, this bug has been prevalent not just in previous ports of FFIX, but in other new Square Enix ports of   Final Fantasy games. For Final Fantasy X, they patched it out. It’s a bug that’s not easy to notice, but once you do spot it, it’s impossible to stop hearing the problem. Even the good new features in this version of Final Fantasy IX are implemented in a frustrating way. For example, there’s a fast forward toggle in the console ports of Final Fantasy IX. Which is fantastic—the best way to play many of these old role-playing games in 2019 is to speed through the many, many random encounters. But rather than letting you fast forward combat at varying speeds with the press of a button, the way the excellent Final Fantasy XII remake doe s, this version of the game adds an extra step. To toggle fast-forward, you need to pause the game, then press R. It’ll make everything super-fast, not just combat, which essentially makes the game unplayable outside of battles. Then, to turn it back off, you need to pause the game again and press R again. That extra button press is more annoying than it seems. And, hey, as I was testing out the buttons in the   previous paragraph, my game crashed on this screen, which seems fitting: Final Fantasy IX costs $21 on the Nintendo eShop, it should be noted. When Square Enix released Chrono Trigger   for PC last year in horrible shape, fan outcry led the publisher to put out a series of patches that fixed many of the problems. Here’s hoping they can do the same this time around, because Switch users can’t just mod this into a good port.


EPIC ACTION LLC FINAL FANTASY® XV: A NEW EMPIRE TERMS OF USE Last Updated: March 12, 2019 These terms of use and our Privacy Policy which is incorporated herein by reference (collectively, “Terms of Use”) govern the relationship between you and Epic Action LLC or any of its parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates (collectively, “Epic Action” or “we” or “us”) relating in any way to your use of our mobile game known as “Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire” (“FFXV”), including its chat and communications features, our blog, and all other content and related services (including online services) that Epic Action makes available through FFXV or on Epic Action’s websites, including but not limited to and (collectively, the “Game”). SECTION 14 OF THESE TERMS OF USE CONTAINS A BINDING ARBITRATION AGREEMENT AND CLASS ACTION WAIVER THAT WAIVE YOUR RIGHT TO A COURT HEARING OR JURY TRIAL. Table of Contents Your Acceptance of these Terms of Use Limited License, Login Information and Your Account and Eligibility Modification of Terms of Use No Transfer of Accounts or In-Game Items Intellectual Property Rights in the Game Code of Conduct Your Interactions with Other Users User Content Information Collection and Use In-Game Items; Payments; Ownership Termination and Suspension Disclaimer; Limitation of Liability Indemnity Agreement to Arbitrate; Class Action Waiver Applicable Law Third Party Promotions and Links Ownership; Trademarks and Copyrights Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) Notice Electronic Signatures Notice to California Users Miscellaneous Contact Information Disclaimer 1.  Your Acceptance of these Terms of Use. These Terms of Use form a legal agreement between you and Epic Action.  When you use the Game, you agree to be bound by all of the terms, conditions and restrictions in these Terms of Use.  Please read them carefully. You acknowledge that you have downloaded the Game for free, and while there is additional content available for purchase within the Game (“In-App Purchases”), such In-App Purchases are entirely voluntary and not required to participate in or advance within the Game. 2.  Limited License, Login Information and Your Account and Eligibility. Limited License Grant Subject to your agreement and continuing compliance with these Terms of Use and Epic Action’s policies, Epic Action grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, revocable limited license subject to the limitations below to access and use the Game for your own non-commercial entertainment purposes.  You agree not to use the Game for any other purpose. Login Information and Your Account Within the Game, you may create an account with us by providing a username and/or email address and a password (“Login Information”).  We may also allow you to create a Game account through third party social networks or services (such as Facebook) with whom you maintain an account (a “Third Party Service”). You shall not share your account or your Login Information, nor let anyone else access your account or do anything else that might jeopardize the security of your account.  You are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Login Information, and you will be solely responsible for all uses of your Login Information, including any purchases, loss of In-App Purchases or other in-Game items, or other changes to your account and/or Game status, whether or not authorized by you.  Epic Action will not be responsible for anything that happens through or to your account and/or Game status as a result of you allowing any third party to access your Login Information and/or account. Epic Action reserves the right to remove or reclaim any usernames at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to claims by a third party that a username violates the third party’s rights. Eligibility There are limitations on who may download and play the game.  You may not download or play the Game if you are under 13 years of age.  If we learn that a user under 13 years of age is using the Game despite this restriction, we will immediately delete their account and all personal information we have related to their account. You also may not use the Game if: (i) you cannot enter into a binding contract with us and your legal guardian has not agreed to these Terms of Use on your behalf; (ii) you are a convicted sex offender; (iii) you do not agree to these Terms of Use; or (iv) we have previously banned you from using the Game. If you are under the age of majority where you live you may not use the Game unless your parent or legal guardian has reviewed and agreed to these Terms of Use. The Game is available for download from mobile application platform providers like Google or Apple, each of which may require you to maintain an account with them in order to access and use the Game.   The Game is not endorsed by Google or Apple.  If you create an account with any mobile application platform, you are subject to any terms and conditions imposed by the mobile application platform and you understand that any obligations imposed by such mobile application platform are in addition to your obligations under these Terms of Use. 3. Modification of Terms of Use. We reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use from time to time by posting updated versions in the Game, sending you a notice to the e-mail address we have on file, or otherwise notifying you of changes through the Game.  Unless we state otherwise, changes are effective when we post or notify you of them or thirty (30) days after they are posted in the Game, whichever is earlier. By continuing to use the Game thereafter, you agree to the changes and the updated Terms of Use.  We will not enforce future material changes without your express agreement to them.  Without limitation to the foregoing, this provision does not apply in New Jersey. 4. No Transfer of Accounts or In-Game Items. Your account is for your personal use only.  You specifically agree not to: (1) share your account credentials with anyone else, (2) sell, offer to sell, rent, lease, trade or otherwise transfer your account, (3) sell, offer to sell, rent, lease, trade or otherwise transfer any “Gold” or other virtual currencies, game resources, in-game services like “speed-ups, ” or other in-game items associated with your account (collectively, “In-Game Items”), except by using mechanisms within the Game that anticipate and specifically allow for the non-commercial transfer of In-Game Items, (4) buy, offer to buy, accept, access or use any other user’s account or In-Game Items, except by using mechanisms within the Game that anticipate and specifically allow for the non-commercial transfer of In-Game Items, (5) link to or otherwise endorse or identify any websites, organizations, or persons that sell, offer to sell, rent, lease, buy, offer to buy, accept, access, trade or otherwise transfer accounts or In-Game Items, and (6) create or permit to exist an interest or arrangement of any kind, which in substance secures the payment of money or performance of any obligation or gives a creditor priority over unsecured creditors, over any of your rights with respect to the Game, your Game account or In-Game Items. You acknowledge that any purported transfers of Game accounts or In-Game Items in violation of this Section, including but not limited to transfers in exchange for money or other compensation, are void and breach these Terms of Use, and that we have no responsibility to assist you in connection with completing any such transaction.   We may terminate or suspend your account and/or your right to access or use the Game if we discover or reasonably believe that you have attempted to buy, sell, rent, lease, license, or transfer your Game account or associated In-Game Items, or used or accessed an account or In-Game Items transferred by another user, or linked to or otherwise endorsed or identified any websites, organizations, or persons that attempt to buy, sell, rent, lease, license, or transfer accounts or In-Game Items in violation of this Section.  5. Intellectual Property Rights in the Game. 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You will not harass, threaten or bully any other player, nor post or submit any abusive, threatening, bullying, harassing, obscene, defamatory, offensive, pornographic or illegal content, or content that infringes or violates the rights of someone else, or impersonate any other person. You will not use the Game for any unauthorized commercial purpose, including but not limited to commercial advertisement or solicitation (such as chain letters, junk e-mail, “spam, ” or other repetitive messages), or gathering or transferring In-Game Items for sale. You will only use the Game on your own behalf. You shall not use the Game or perform in-Game services for payment, such as leveling up or item collection services. You will not use or design cheats, exploits, automation software, bots, hacks, mods or any unauthorized software designed to modify or interfere with the Game experience. You will not remove or obscure any proprietary notices within the Game. You will not to disrupt or attempt to disrupt the Game or any other person’s use or enjoyment of the Game. You will not attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Game, to accounts registered to others, or to networks from which portions of the Game are provided, including by circumventing or bypassing robot exclusion headers or security mechanisms for the Game. You will not use any service or software that accesses, intercepts, "mines, " or otherwise collects information from the Game or that is in transit from or to the Game. You will not make any automated use of the Game, or take any action that imposes an unreasonable burden on our infrastructure. You will not use any software, technology, or device to send content or messages, scrape, spider, or crawl the Game, or harvest or manipulate data from the Game. You will not override any security feature or restrictions on use of the Game that we may implement. You will not improperly use our support services, including by submitting false reports. Except where permitted by law or relevant open source licenses, you will not modify, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, decipher or otherwise try to derive the source code for the Game. Except where permitted by law, you will not copy, modify or distribute content from the Game except as specifically authorized by us. You will not advocate, promote, encourage, or otherwise facilitate any illegal behavior, including but not limited to the use of illegal drugs, unlawful gambling or theft. Failure to comply with this Code of Conduct may result in the suspension of your account, or any portion of your account, and/or subject you to any of the penalties identified in Section 11. 7. Your Interactions with Other Users. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other players with whom you interact through the Game. Epic Action reserves the right, but has no obligation, to become involved in any way with any disputes concerning the Game.  You will fully cooperate with us to investigate any suspected unlawful, fraudulent or improper activity, including without limitation granting Epic Action access to any portion of your account. If you have a dispute with one or more users, or any other interaction you believe may give rise to any claim, you release Epic Action (and our officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees) from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes. If you live in California, you waive California Civil Code §1542, which says: "A GENERAL RELEASE DOES NOT EXTEND TO CLAIMS WHICH THE CREDITOR DOES NOT KNOW OR SUSPECT TO EXIST IN HIS OR HER FAVOR AT THE TIME OF EXECUTING THE RELEASE, WHICH IF KNOWN BY HIM OR HER MUST HAVE MATERIALLY AFFECTED HIS SETTLEMENT WITH THE DEBTOR. ” Being aware now of this code section, you expressly waive and relinquish all rights and benefits which you may have had thereunder which were existing up until the moment you consented to these Terms of Use.  Moreover, you also expressly waive any other similarly statute or common law principle of similar effect to California Civil Code §1542. If you live outside of California, you waive any other statute, law, or rule of similar effect in your jurisdiction. 8. User Content. The Game includes features by which users can submit or upload content to the Game, including without limitation chat and messaging utilities and the ability to select profile names and names for certain In-Game Items, and any other information you submit during your use of the Game (collectively, “User Content”).  If you create a Game account via a Third Party Service or otherwise “link” content associated with your Third Party Service account to your account for the Game, your User Content includes any information or content provided to us by that Third Party Service.  You represent that you have all rights and permissions necessary to submit User Content to us (including, with respect to photographs, written consent from each identifiable person therein), that your User Content is accurate, and that your User Content is not subject to any confidentiality obligations or in violation of the Code of Conduct.  In addition, you represent and warrant that any User Content submitted by you does not violate or infringe upon any copyright, right of privacy, trademark, patent, trade-name, performing right or any literary, dramatic, musical, athletic, personal, private, civil, contract, or property right or any other right of any person, firm, or corporation, or contain any libelous, slanderous material, or material that violates any local, state, or federal law, rule, or regulation. You retain all right, title and interest to your User Content, except that you grant us a perpetual, non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, irrevocable, worldwide license to publish, reproduce, distribute, and otherwise use your User Content and any modifications thereto in connection with the Game in any media now known or hereafter developed, at any time or times, without compensation to you.  To the extent permitted by applicable law, you waive any moral rights you may have in your User Content (such as the right to be identified as the author). We do not endorse and we are not under any obligation to pre-screen any User Content supplied by other users; each user is responsible for his or her User Content, and we expressly disclaim any warranty with respect to User Content.  We have no obligation to monitor User Content, and we are not responsible for monitoring the Game for inappropriate or illegal communications by other users.  However, we reserve the right to block, remove or edit User Content. We may, in our discretion, choose to monitor or record your interaction with the Game or with other users when you are using the Game.  You acknowledge and agree that you have no expectation of privacy in any User Content.  We have the right to investigate violations of these Terms of Use or conduct that affects the Services.  We may also consult and cooperate with law enforcement authorities to prosecute users who violate the law. 9. Information Collection and Use; Privacy Policy. In addition to User Content, Epic Action collects (i) information, content or other material that you provide to us or is otherwise transmitted in or through the Game or which is generated, acquired or developed when you download, install, and/or use the Game or anytime you are in contact with us and (ii) information you receive or which is transmitted to or otherwise made available to you from other users of the Game or third parties in the Game (collectively, “Service Information”).  We use the Service Information in many ways, including but not limited to, to help us provide and support the Game and our services.  For example, we may use the Service Information to deliver and target advertising and generate information about the reach and effectiveness of advertising through various measurements and analytics (without providing personally identifiable information about you). Our Privacy Policy sets out detailed information regarding our collection, use and sharing of information from and about you.  When you download or use the Game, you acknowledge and accept that the Privacy Policy applies to you.  You should carefully review the Privacy Policy and, if you do not agree with it, you should not use the Game. By downloading or using the Game, you also acknowledge and accept that we may send you unsolicited commercial electronic messages in connection with the Game, including advertising material. 10.  In-Game Items; Payments; Ownership. The Game allows you to “earn” In-Game Items.  You may also use real money to purchase a license to use certain In-Game Items.  Purchased In-Game Items are subject to the payment terms and conditions of the mobile platform (e. g., Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android OS, and Amazon’s Fire OS) from which you make your purchase.  Epic Action does not control or manage the payment process; please review the relevant terms and conditions with the applicable platform provider before making any In-App Purchases.  When you purchase a license to use In-Game Items, you agree that we may begin to supply you with your purchased In-Game Items immediately. You agree that you have no ownership interest in your Game account or any In-Game Items associated with your account, regardless of whether you “earned” or “purchased” such In-Game Items.  You agree that In-Game Items, including “Gold, ” “Silver, ” and any other virtual currencies or goods within the Game are for personal non-commercial entertainment purposes, have no independent value outside of the Game, may not be redeemed for any cash value, and is simply a measurement of your limited license. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT NEITHER WE NOR ANY MOBILE PLATFORM PROVIDER IS REQUIRED TO PROVIDE A REFUND FOR ANY REASON, AND THAT YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE MONEY OR OTHER COMPENSATION FOR UNUSED IN-GAME ITEMS WHEN AN ACCOUNT IS CLOSED, WHETHER SUCH CLOSURE WAS VOLUNTARY OR INVOLUNTARY, UNLESS OTHERWISE REQUIRED BY APPLICABLE LAW.  IN THE EVENT THAT YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN IN-GAME ITEM THAT YOU PROPERLY PURCHASED THROUGH A PLATFORM PROVIDER, YOU MAY REQUEST A REFUND DIRECTLY FROM THAT PLATFORM PROVIDER SUBJECT TO THEIR REFUND POLICY. 11. Termination and Suspension. You may terminate your account at any time, for any reason or no reason, by issuing an in-game message or by sending an email to with the subject entitled “Termination. ” We reserve the right to suspend or discontinue the Game or any part of it at any time, including any features, game elements and In-Game Items and revoke any and all licenses provided to you under these Terms of Use.  If that happens, we are not required to provide refunds, benefits or other compensation to you for discontinued elements of the Game or for any In-Game Items previously earned or purchased, and you will have no further right to access your account or use the Game.  WE MAY, IN OUR SOLE DISCRETION, LIMIT, SUSPEND, TERMINATE, MODIFY, OR DELETE ACCOUNTS OR ACCESS TO THE GAME OR ANY PORTION OF IT, AND PROHIBIT ACCESS TO THE GAME AND THE CONTENT, SERVICES AND TOOLS AVAILABLE THROUGH THE GAME, OR DELAY OR REMOVE USER CONTENT, AND WE ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO COMPENSATE YOU FOR ANY LOSSES OR RESULTS. Upon termination of your account for any reason, you agree to no longer access (or attempt to access) the Game.  If your account is terminated, certain provisions of this Agreement will apply after such termination, including Section 14’s mandatory arbitration provision and class action waiver. 12. Disclaimer; Limitation of Liability. THE GAME IS PROVIDED "AS IS, " AND USE OF THE GAME IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK.  TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, WE MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS, WARRANTIES, OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ABOUT THE GAME OR ANY CONTENT OR SERVICES MADE AVAILABLE THROUGH THE GAME, AND WE SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIM ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, NON-INFRINGEMENT, OR AVAILABILITY.  EPIC ACTION DOES NOT WARRANT THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO ACCESS OR USE THE GAME AT THE TIMES OR LOCATIONS OF YOUR CHOOSING; THAT THE GAME WILL BE UNINTERRUPTED OR ERROR-FREE; THAT DEFECTS WILL BE CORRECTED; OR THAT THE GAME OR OUR SERVICE ARE FREE OF VIRUSES OR OTHER HARMFUL COMPONENTS. REFERENCE TO, OR DEPICTION OF, ANY WEAPON, GEAR, VEHICLE OR OTHER ITEMS IN THIS GAME DOES NOT INDICATE AFFILIATION, SPONSORSHIP, OR ENDORSEMENT BY ANY MANUFACTURER.  ALL TRADEMARKS RELATING TO ANY WEAPONS, GEAR, VEHICLES OR OTHER ITEMS IN THIS GAME ARE THE EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT, EXCEPT IN THE CASE OF WILLFUL MISCONDUCT OR GROSS NEGLIGENCE, WE WILL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU FOR: (1) ANY INCIDENTAL, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, SPECIAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES, REGARDLESS OF THE CAUSE OF ACTION AND EVEN IF WE HAVE BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES; (2) AN AMOUNT IN EXCESS OF $100 OR THE AMOUNTS YOU HAVE PAID US FOR THE GAME DURING THE 6 MONTH PERIOD PRECEDING THE EVENT FIRST GIVING RISE TO LIABILITY, WHICHEVER IS GREATER; OR (3) THE CONDUCT OF THIRD PARTIES, INCLUDING THIRD PARTY SITES OR MOBILE PLATFORM PROVIDERS OR OTHER PLAYERS OF THE GAME.  Certain state and national laws, including the state law of New Jersey, do not allow some of the exclusion of liability or the warranty disclaimers set forth above.  Therefore, the above limitations and disclaimers may not apply to you, and you may have additional rights.  Nothing in these Terms of Use shall exclude or limit our liability for (i) fraud; or (ii) death or personal injury caused by our negligence. Where our liability cannot be limited or excluded by applicable law, our liability to you is limited, to the extent permitted by applicable law, to: in the case of goods supplied to you, the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods (or the payment of the cost to you of the replacement or supply), or the repair of the goods (or the payment of the cost to you of the repair); and in the case of services supplied to you, the supply of the services again or the payment of the cost to you of having the services supplied again, and you agree it is fair and reasonable, in all the circumstances, for our liability to be limited in this way. 13. Indemnity. If you misuse the Game, violate the law, or violate these Terms of Use, and your violation results in loss or damage or a claim or liability against us, you agree to indemnify, defend and hold us harmless from (which means you agree to compensate us for) that loss, damage, claim or liability, including our legal fees and expenses.  We may take exclusive charge of the defense of any legal action for which you are required to indemnify us under this section, at your expense.  You agree to cooperate in our defense of these actions.  We will use reasonable efforts to notify you of any claim for which you are obligated to indemnify us.  This section will apply even if you stop using the Game or your account is deleted.  This Indemnification Provision does not apply in New Jersey. 14. Agreement to Arbitrate; Class Action Waiver. PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY.  IT AFFECTS YOUR RIGHTS AND INCLUDES WAIVER OF A TRIAL BY JURY IN A COURT AND OF THE ABILITY TO BRING ANY CLAIM ON BEHALF OF OTHERS. Overview This Section 14 (i. e., the “Agreement to Arbitrate”) applies to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.  If the laws of your jurisdiction prohibit the application of provisions of this Section 14 notwithstanding Section 15 below, those prohibited provisions will not apply to you. In the event of any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms, including any question regarding its existence, validity, termination or breach thereof, or your use of the Game or any related services, the parties hereto shall consult and negotiate with each other and, recognizing their mutual interests, attempt to reach a satisfactory solution.  Most user concerns can be resolved by contacting our customer support team at. In the unlikely event that we are unable to resolve your concerns and a dispute remains, this Section explains how you and we agree to resolve it.  As explained in more detail below, we each agree to resolve any dispute between us through binding arbitration or small claims court instead of in courts of general jurisdiction. Agreement to Arbitrate; Exceptions If we cannot resolve our dispute through customer support,  YOU AND WE AGREE TO RESOLVE ALL DISPUTES AND CLAIMS BETWEEN US IN INDIVIDUAL BINDING ARBITRATION, INCLUDING CLAIMS CONCERNING ANY ASPECT OF THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN US, YOUR DECISION TO DOWNLOAD THE GAME, YOUR USE OF THE GAME, ANY USER CONTENT, OR YOUR ACCOUNT.  This Agreement to Arbitrate is intended to be interpreted broadly, and applies to all legal claims under any legal theory (whether based in contract, tort, statute, fraud, misrepresentation, or any other legal theory), and applies to any disputes or claims that you assert or that arise even after you stop using or delete your account for the Game, stop using the Game, or delete the Game application from your mobile device.  This Agreement to Arbitrate also applies to any claims that are currently the subject of a purported class action litigation in which you are not a member of a certified class.  You and we agree that the arbitrator shall have the exclusive authority to resolve any dispute relating to the interpretation, applicability or enforceability of the terms or formation of this contract, including whether any dispute between us is subject to this Agreement to Arbitrate (i. e., the arbitrator will decide the arbitrability of any dispute) and whether all or any part of these terms are void or voidable. An arbitration is a proceeding before a neutral arbitrator, instead of before a judge or jury.  Arbitration is less formal than a lawsuit in court, and provides more limited discovery.  It follows different rules than court proceedings, and is subject to very limited review by courts.  The arbitrator will issue a written decision and provide a statement of reasons if requested by either party.  YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU AND WE ARE GIVING UP THE RIGHT TO SUE IN COURT AND THE RIGHT TO HAVE A TRIAL BEFORE A JUDGE OR JURY. This Section 14, however, does not apply to the following types of claims or disputes, which you or we may bring in court in accordance with Section 15 below: (1) claims of infringement or other misuse of intellectual property rights, including such claims seeking injunctive relief; and (2) claims for preliminary injunctive relief for violations of sections 4 and 6 herein. This Section does not prevent you from bringing your dispute to the attention of any federal, state, or local government agencies that can, if the law allows, seek relief from us for you.  Also, any of us can bring a claim in small claims court either in Santa Clara County, California or the county where you live, or some other place we both agree on, if such claims meets all the requirements to be brought in that court. The Federal Arbitration Act applies to this Section 14.  The arbitration will be governed by the Consumer Arbitration Rules (the “Rules”) of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”) (including Rule 1(g) of those Rules that provides for arbitration through the submission of documents only/desk arbitration where no disclosed claims or counterclaims exceed $25, 000), as modified by these Terms of Use.  The Rules are available at.  The arbitrator will be bound by these Terms of Use. To start an arbitration proceeding, use the form on AAA’s website () or call the AAA at 1-800-778-7879. Any arbitration under this section that is required to take place in person will take place pursuant to the Rules, which provide that face-to-face proceedings be conducted at a location which is reasonably convenient to both parties with due consideration of their ability to travel and other pertinent circumstances. If your claim is for US$25, 000 or less, we agree to reimburse your filing fee promptly upon being notified of the filing, or pay it for you if you are unable to pay it and we receive a written request from you.  Also, if your claim is for US$25, 000 or less, we agree to reimburse your share of the arbitration costs, including your share of arbitrator fees, at the conclusion of the proceeding, unless the arbitrator determines your claims are frivolous or your costs are unreasonable as determined by the arbitrator.  If you seek more than US$25, 000, the arbitration costs, including arbitrator compensation, will be split between you and us according to the Rules.  Irrespective of the amount you seek, neither party shall be entitled to have their attorneys’ fees or costs paid by the other party, provided, however, that either party may seek to recover their attorneys’ fees and costs in arbitration if the arbitrator determines that the other party’s claims (or counterclaims) are frivolous or the other party’s costs are unreasonable. For non-US Users In the event of any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to these Terms, including any question regarding its existence, validity, termination or breach thereof, the parties hereto shall consult and negotiate with each other and, recognizing their mutual interests, attempt to reach a satisfactory solution. If they do not reach settlement within a period of 60 days, then, upon notice by any party to the other(s), any unresolved controversy or claim shall be settled by arbitration administered by the International Centre for Dispute Resolution (“ICDR”) () in accordance with the provisions of its International Arbitration Rules. The place of arbitration shall be in London, England.  The number of arbitrators shall be one. The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be English. Except as may be required by law, neither a party nor its representatives may disclose the existence, content, or results of any arbitration hereunder without the prior written consent of Epic Action. The European Union also operates an online dispute resolution platform which can be found at. Class Action Waiver For disputes arising between Epic Action and you, or any other user, that are subject to this Agreement to Arbitrate, you and we agree that we can only bring a claim against each other on an individual basis. NEITHER YOU NOR WE CAN BRING A CLAIM AS A PLAINTIFF OR CLASS MEMBER IN A CLASS ACTION, CONSOLIDATED ACTION, OR REPRESENTATIVE ACTION.  THE ARBITRATOR CANNOT COMBINE MORE THAN ONE PERSON’S CLAIM INTO A SINGLE CASE, AND CANNOT PRESIDE OVER ANY CONSOLIDATED, CLASS, OR REPRESENTATIVE ARBITRATION PROCEEDING, UNLESS WE BOTH AGREE OTHERWISE IN WRITING.  THE ARBITRATOR’S DECISION OR AWARD IN ONE PERSON’S CASE CAN ONLY AFFECT THE PERSON WHO BROUGHT THE CLAIM, NOT OTHER USERS OF THE GAME, AND CANNOT BE USED TO DECIDE DISPUTES WITH OTHERS. If a court decides that this “Class Action Waiver” subsection is not enforceable or is invalid, then Section 14 shall cease to have effect, however, the remaining portions of the Terms and Conditions will remain in full force and effect. YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU WOULD HAVE HAD A RIGHT TO LITIGATE THROUGH A COURT, TO HAVE A JUDGE OR JURY DECIDE YOUR CASE AND TO BE PARTY TO A CLASS OR REPRESENTATIVE ACTION.  HOWEVER, YOU UNDERSTAND AND CHOOSE TO HAVE ANY CLAIMS DECIDED INDIVIDUALLY AND ONLY THROUGH ARBITRATION. Service of Process To initiate arbitration or any legal proceeding against Epic Action, you must serve initiating documents on Epic Action’s registered agent for service of process at: CSC-Lawyers Incorporating Service, 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive, Sacramento, CA 95833. Changes to this Section 14 Notwithstanding any provision in these Terms to the contrary, we agree that if we make any future change to this Section 14, you may reject any such change by sending us written notice within 30 days of the change to:. 15. Applicable Law. You agree that these Terms of Use shall be deemed to have been made and executed in the State of California, U. S. A. and that any dispute arising under the Terms of Use, as well as any other dispute or claim that may arise between you and us, shall be governed by and resolved in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without regard to conflict of law provisions or principals. For claims not required to be arbitrated under Section 14, or in the event the arbitration provision in Section 14 is deemed unenforceable or voided, you agree that any claim asserted in any legal proceeding by you against us shall be commenced and maintained exclusively in any state or federal court located in Santa Clara County, California having subject matter jurisdiction with respect to the dispute between the parties and you hereby consent to the exclusive jurisdiction of such courts.  In any dispute arising between us, the prevailing party will be entitled to attorneys’ fees and expenses. 16. Third Party Promotions and Links. The Game may contain advertisements and other promotional content from third parties, including links to third party websites or vendors (collectively "Third Party Promotions "), some of which may invite you to participate in promotional offers in return for receiving optional services and/or In-Game Items.  Some of these Third Party Promotions may charge separate fees, which are not included in any fees that you may pay to us.  Any separate charges or obligations you incur in your dealings with such third parties are your responsibility.  We make no representation or warranty regarding any content, goods and/or services contained in such Third Party Promotions and will not be liable for any claim relating thereto.  We exercise no control over Third Party Promotions, and Epic Action has no responsibility for their content, goods, services, performance, operation, availability, business practices or policies.  We are providing these Third Party Promotions to you only as a convenience, and we do not imply any endorsement or recommendation of their content, goods, or services. If you decide to access any of these Third Party Promotions, you do so entirely at your own risk.  Third Party Promotions including third party websites are subject to their own terms and policies, including privacy and data gathering practices. 17. Ownership; Trademarks and Copyrights. All rights, title and interest in and to the Game (including without limitation any games, titles, computer code, themes, objects, characters, character names, stories, dialogue, catch phrases, concepts, artwork, animations, sounds, musical compositions, audio-visual effects, methods of operation, moral rights, documentation, in-game chat transcripts, character profile information, and recordings of games) are owned by Epic Action and its licensors. Epic Action reserves all rights, including without limitation all intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights in connection with the Game. The trademarks “Epic Action, ” “Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, ” and logos associated with each of the foregoing, are trademarks of Epic Action, and all trademarks, logos and service marks (collectively, "Marks") displayed on or in the Game are either our property or the property of third parties.  Similarly, all artwork and other protectable expression in the Game are either our property or the property of third parties and protected by Copyright law.  Marks, artwork, images, music, and any other protectable expression may not be copied, imitated or used without written permission from the owner. 18. Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA“) Notice. Epic Action responds to allegations of copyright violations in accordance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”).  The DMCA provides a process for a copyright owner to give notification to an online service provider concerning alleged copyright infringement.  When Epic Action receives a valid DMCA notification, it may expeditiously take down the offending content.  On taking down content under the DMCA, we will take reasonable steps to contact the owner of the removed content, including by forwarding them a copy of the Notice and the name and email address of the person submitting the Notice, so that a Counter Notice may be filed.  On receiving a valid Counter Notice, we generally restore the content in question, unless we receive notice from the notification provider that a legal action has been filed seeking a court order to restrain the alleged infringer from engaging in the infringing activity. Please note: The DMCA provides that you may be liable for damages (including costs and attorneys’ fees) if you falsely claim that content is infringing your copyright.  We recommend contacting an attorney if you are unsure whether your content is protected by copyright law or whether content is infringing on your copyright. To Submit a Notice: If you believe that in-Game content infringes on your copyright, you must submit a written notification to Epic Action either by email or written letter (regular mail or courier).  The Notice must include the following: An identification of the copyright you claim has been infringed (i. e., your copyrighted material); A description of the nature and exact location of the content you claim infringes your copyright; Your name, address, telephone number, and email address; Statements by you that: (a) you have a good faith belief that the use of the copyrighted materials described above and contained on the service is not authorized by the copyright owner, its agent, or by protection of law; and that (b) you swear, under penalty of perjury, that the information in the notification is accurate and that you are the copyright owner or are authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that is allegedly infringed; and A physical signature of the copyright owner or a person authorized to act on their behalf.  To satisfy the signature requirement, please designate electronic signatures by typing a forward slash before and after your name (e. g., /Jane Doe/). Send the written Notice to the designated Copyright Agent at Epic Action by emailing us at or by sending the Notice to: Epic Action LLC Attn: Designated Copyright Agent 2225 E. Bayshore Road, Suite 200 Palo Alto, CA 94303 To Submit a Counter Notice: Under the DMCA, a Counter Notice is a legal means to state your objection to a DMCA Notice.  If you have received a DMCA Notice from Epic Action, or have been otherwise advised by Epic Action that your account was the subject of a DMCA Notice, and you dispute that your material is infringing or believe that the material removed or disabled was as a result of a mistake or misidentification of the material to be removed or disabled, you may submit a Counter Notice. 19. Electronic Signatures. You acknowledge and agree that by agreeing to this Agreement electronically that you are expressly agreeing to the terms set forth herein.  You acknowledge that your electronic submission constitutes your agreement and intent to be bound by the terms of this Agreement.  Pursuant to any applicable statutes, regulations, rules, ordinances or other laws, including without limitation the United States Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, P. L. 106-229 (the “E-Sign Act”) or other similar statutes, YOU HEREBY AGREE TO THE USE OF ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES, CONTRACTS, ORDERS AND OTHER RECORDS AND TO ELECTRONIC DELIVERY OF NOTICES, POLICIES AND RECORDS OF TRANSACTIONS INITIATED OR COMPLETED THROUGH THE SITE OR SERVICES OFFERED BY EPIC ACTION. Further, you hereby waive any rights or requirements under any statutes, regulations, rules, ordinances or other laws in any jurisdiction which require an original signature or delivery or retention of non-electronic records, or to payments or the granting of credits by other than electronic means. 20. Notice for California Users. Under California Civil Code Section 1789. 3, users of the Website from California are entitled to the following specific consumer rights notice: The Complaint Assistance Unit of the Division of Consumer Services of the California Department of Consumer Affairs may be contacted in writing at 1625 North Market Blvd., Suite N 112, Sacramento, CA 95834, or by telephone at (916) 445-1254 or (800) 952-5210.  Epic Action may be contacted in writing at Epic Action LLC, 2225 E. Bayshore Road, Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA 94303. 21. Miscellaneous. Except as otherwise expressly set forth in these Terms of Use, in the event that any provision of these Terms of Use shall be held by a court or other tribunal of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, such provision will be enforced to the maximum extent permissible and the remaining portions of these Terms of Use shall remain in full force and effect.  These Terms of Use constitute and contain the entire agreement between you and us with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersedes any prior oral or written agreements.  You agree that these Terms of Use are not intended to confer and do not confer any rights or remedies upon any person other than the parties to these Terms of Use. If we provide a translated version of these Terms of Use or any other terms or policy incorporated or referenced in these Terms of Use, it is for informational purposes only.  If the translated version means something different than the English version, then the English meaning will be the one that applies. If we do not enforce a provision of these Terms of Use, that does not waive our right to do so later.  And, if we do expressly waive a provision of these Terms of Use, that does not mean it is waived for all time in the future.  Any waiver must be in writing and signed by both you and us to be legally binding. Epic Action is subject to existing laws and legal process, and we may comply with law enforcement or regulatory requests or requirements notwithstanding any term to the contrary in these Terms of Use. We may notify you via postings on, or via e-mail or via any other contact information you provide to us.  Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, all notices given by you or required from you under these Terms of Use or the Epic Action Privacy Policy shall be in writing and addressed to: Epic Action LLC, Attn:.  Any notices that you provide that do not comply with these requirements shall have no legal effect. Epic Action shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform resulting from causes outside the reasonable control of Epic Action, including without limitation any failure to perform hereunder due to unforeseen circumstances or causes beyond Epic Action’s control, such as acts of God, war, terrorism, riots, embargoes, acts of civil or military authorities, fire, floods, accidents, strikes, or shortages of transportation facilities, fuel, energy, labor or materials. Epic Action reserves the sole and exclusive right to assign any or all of its rights and obligations under this Agreement, in whole or in part, to any party at any time without any notice. This Agreement may not be assigned by you, and you may not delegate your duties under them. For Australia and New Zealand Users Only: Upon termination of your account, Epic Action will take all reasonable steps to destroy or de-identify your personal information.  You acknowledge that some information about you may be retained where required by law or for data back-up purposes. By providing the consent in paragraph 9, we may not be required under Australian privacy legislation to take reasonable steps to ensure that the overseas recipient of your personal information does not breach the Australian Privacy Principles in relation to your personal information, and we are not responsible for a failure of the overseas recipient to comply with Australian privacy legislation.  You should be aware that overseas recipients may not be subject to privacy legislation which is as stringent as the legislation which applies in Australia. For EU Users Only: You agree that these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of England, excluding the law of conflicts and the Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). However, where the laws of England provide a lower degree of consumer protection than the laws of your country of residence, the consumer protection laws of your country shall prevail. In any dispute arising between us, the prevailing party will be entitled to attorneys’ fees and expenses. If you reside in the European Union, you acknowledge that you will no longer have the right to cancel under the EU's Consumer Rights Directive (or implementing legislation in the country where you are located) once we start to supply you with the In-Game Item. 22. Contact Information. This website and Game are operated and provided by Epic Action LLC.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy and/or practices, please send an e-mail to. 23. Disclaimer. REFERENCE TO, OR DEPICTION OF, ANY WEAPON, VEHICLE, OR GEAR IN THIS GAME DOES NOT INDICATE AFFILIATION, SPONSORSHIP, OR ENDORSEMENT BY ANY MANUFACTURER.  ALL TRADEMARKS IN THIS GAME ARE THE EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNERS. © Epic Action LLC, 2018.  All Rights Reserved.