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Poker hands. Pokerarena. Okay, I'll take on the role as the Devils advocate here. Lets say that Robl shoves AT-AQ with the Ac as a bluff in this spot, that would be 9 combos of bluffs that Dwan beats. As flushes beats full houses, it's also reasonable that his value range could be flushes only. Assuming that he folds some unconnected hands like J6s preflop and that he doesn't take a line this aggressive with a straight flush, he might have something like As6s-As9s, 6s7s-9s8s, 8s6s-9s7s in his value range. And guess what, that's 9 combos of value. Unlikely, maybe, but I don't think that it's completely unreasonable. At the very least it shows that it would be a pretty clear call if he had a club in his hand. PS. Doug even said that he thought 9 high flushes were too thin to shove btw (not that I agree, but still. If Robl doesn't shove all his low flushes, that would lower the amount of value hands drastically, making the call even clearer.


Poker night at the inventory. Pokerstars slovensko. We betting 7 figures now. Poker en ligne. Pokerclub88. Pokerscout traffic. Pokerstars slovakia. Poker run. Juanda is so nitty. 5:1 with quads! It seems like a ridiculous fold even though there is a decent chance he had the A. You can't just claim to have a read on him and fold in those situations...